Terms & Conditions

Our service includes only the brokering of transportation and organizational services such as flight bookings, hotel reservations, and appointment with the clinic. The successful completion of a booked trip is not part of our contractual obligations. The mediator is not a travel agent. The client holds individual contracts with the airline, the hotel, the clinic and the transportation companies. The actual rendering of the services contracted for is not part of our contractual obligations.

The information (prices, etc.) on the mediated service is based solely on the information provided by the responsible service provider to us. We do not adhere to the proper performance of services by the service provider.

We do not hold any liability regarding the provisions made by the medical care institutions. Any and all decisions on the type and implementation of the medical treatment rest solely with the customer. This provision includes an exclusion of liability from any medical malpractice by the service provider. Though the operation, associated medical pre-and post-treatments, and any other ancillary medical services are coordinated by Health Travels, all medical procedure are conducted by the clinics. The clinics are their own individual entities. The customer signs a contract with the clinic itself.

Booking Conditions:

A prepayment to the clinic must be made in order to book an appointment for hair transplantation. The full amount (deducted by bank transfer fees) will be refunded if canceled within 14 days before treatment date. The prepayment must be paid within 7 days of the (non-binding) date of appointment. With the receipt, the appointment will be confirmed. The prepayment will be deducted from the costs of treatment.
The remaining treatment costs are paid on the spot by credit card or in cash.
The hotel and transfer costs are paid in cash.