Hair Transplant Surgery: The Healing Process

A lot of people have limited knowledge about hair transplants which is why they continue to make assumptions about this procedure. According to experts if people had the right knowledge they would never debate the authenticity of this revolutionary procedure. Some people are afraid of undergoing hair transplant surgery because they claim that the healing time is too long. This however is a wrong assumption because the healing time from the surgery a lot less than you think. Normally recovery only takes a day or two while the hair growth will start after a few months. Let’s discuss the core components of hair transplant surgery healing in detail.

Initial Outcome

Once the surgical procedure has been completed you won’t feel any different at first because it takes time for the hair growth to begin. Initially you will have mild soreness and might need medications to ease the pain. Your surgeon might ask you to wear a surgical dressing over your head for a short while after the procedure. After the surgery the healing process begins and whilst this process is going on you can easily resume your normal life. New hair growth can take up to 6 months to begin but once it does you can expect to have a full head of hair in a very short while.

The Procedure

The surgery will take a longtime and can last for anything between four to eight hours. But considering that it is a onetime procedure it will be well worth your time. Once the surgery is completed your doctor will tell you about the healing procedure ask you to go home and rest. Swelling or bruising may appear on your head after the surgery but this should only last for a period of one week. It is advised that once the procedure is completed you take good care of yourself and wear a cap when out in public. In the early days you should also let the healing continue by washing your head gently. Avoid scrubbing your scalp for the first few days at least.

What to Avoid

Remember that you have undergone a serious medical procedure so it is imperative that you avoid undertaking certain tasks for the healing process to begin. Avoid physical activity for a week at least because physical activity can reduce circulation to your head and scalp. You need to rest and allow for the healing of the scalp. Also avoid drinking alcohol and taking aspirin after the surgery so that your body can recover properly.


Hair transplant surgery is the ideal solution for those people who fear social embarrassment because of baldness. This procedure has helped many before and can help you too. Hair transplants are very safe and once the healing is completed you can expect to have a full head of hair. All you need to do is take some minor precautions after the surgery so that your head heals completely. If you follow these tips not only will healing become easy the time will also pass quickly.