Hair Loss

Hair loss is a huge problem that men of all ages face today. Balding is something that is likely to cause you embarrassment and social distress. If you are losing your hair at a rapid pace you need to take action to stop it. Thankfully these days there are numerous solutions available for hair loss so there is nothing that cannot be fixed. But why do we suffer from hair loss and what are the reasons behind it. This is something that a lot of people do not have an answer to but if you just knew the reasons for your hair loss you would be able to cope with it better. Let’s discuss in detail the actual reasons of hair loss.


A lot of people believe that hair loss is a result of genetic issues. This means that you inherit baldness from your parents and ancestors. If they suffered from hair loss then you are likely to follow the same path. You can inherit baldness from either your mother’s side of the family or your father’s side. The expression of your genes also depends on a number of factors such as stress, age etc. Hair breakage and hair fall on a regular basis are alarming indicators that you may go bald soon.

Hormonal Problems

In some cases hormonal imbalances may cause you to lose hair. Hormones are basically chemical substances that are present in your body. These hormones are responsible for a lot of physical changes in your body such as growth of facial hair and even baldness. Hormonal changes are responsible for the changing of your hairline and patterned baldness. You cannot really control your hormones but if you are suffering from hair loss you can look for solutions.

Old Age

The most natural reason for hair loss is old age. When you reach a certain age your body automatically starts to slow down. Balding is a common problem that is often associated with old age because hair loss is cyclical. It occurs over a period of time unless you are suffering from a medical condition. As we get older the volume of our hair decreases, it is a very natural process. Our scalp is just getting older and that is why it is shedding hair.

Disease and Illness

Another reason for hair loss is disease and illness. There are certain diseases that can cause you to lose your hair and go bald. Thyroid disease is very closely linked with hair fall. This disease can be cured though and the loss of hair can be reversed through proper treatment. Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy also lose their hair as the cancer medication stops hair growth. Hair becomes thin overtime and eventually breaks off. But this loss of hair is only temporary and it grows back once the treatment has been completed.


Hair loss can be caused by a number of different things as we have discussed here. The key thing is to not dwell on the lost hair but instead look for solutions. These days you can have treatments done to cure hair fall and get back to looking your best.