Hair Transplant Istanbul

Hair transplants can help you look younger and more attractive. Most men go bald at some point in their lives and this is the time when they need a hair transplant solution. Some believe that hair transplant surgeries are too expensive. But if you compare other solutions with hair transplant Istanbul you will realize that it isn’t very expensive. Other solutions do not deliver effective results an over a period of time will cost you more than a hair transplant. Other than the costs you also have to keep in mind that hair transplant Istanbul is a permanent solution. Let’s take a look at the various aspects of hair transplant Istanbul in more detail.

Who needs it?

The first thing that you need to do is figure out whether you need a hair transplant or not. Men with receding hairlines who suffer excessive hair loss may need hair transplant Istanbul. The ideal way of finding out is by having a consultation with your doctor. The doctor can analyze your hair and then suggest a solution accordingly.

Is it safe?

Anyone who is concerned about the hair transplant Istanbul procedure should rest assured because this procedure is completely safe. You won’t feel any pain throughout the treatment and there are no side effects either. You should still talk to your doctor if you have any concerns and the doctor will be able to make you understand the entire process.

Why is it expensive?

A lot of people ask this question that why is an FUE hair transplant procedure so expensive. The answer to this question is quite simple. In order to perform this procedure you need sophisticated medical equipment which costs a lot of money. Secondly the doctor will also need to be highly skilled and experienced which is why you are charged a high fee. However, a hair transplant in Istanbul (Turkey) is relatively cheap compared to other countries, reliable and effective.

No major scarring or pain

Unlike other procedures hair transplantion in Istanbul leaves no major, linear scar marks on your head. You won’t even suffer any pain during the treatment because you will be given anesthesia. Once the treatment is completed you might feel slight numbness but that should only last a few days. Within 6 months your hair will start growing again and by the end of a year you should have a head full of hair. You can even wear short hair after the transplant as there will be no scars on your head.


The recovery after hair transplant Istanbul will be swift enabling you to resume your normal life within a week. Initially you will have to take some precautionary measures and make sure that your scalp is well protected. During the first week of recovery you should wear a cap when you go outdoors and also take extra care when washing your hair.


Hair transplant Istanbul is the ideal for all those who want a solution to their baldness and hair loss problem. The procedure is safe, not very expensive and effective which is why you should consider it.