After the Surgery

What Happens After Hair Transplant Surgery?

Once a hair transplant surgery has been completed the recovery and healing period begins. According to doctors this is a very important period for the patient and it is imperative that measures are taken to aid the recovery process. Normally a surgery can take up to 9 hours depending on the nature of the problem. After such a long treatment procedure the first thing that you need to do is rest. Right after the procedure is completed the doctor will give you some medication to ease the pain and also might make you wear a skull mask. Let’s discuss this topic in more detail and find out what actually happens after a hair transplant.

Early Days

The first week after the hair transplant surgery is probably the toughest for the patient. Initially you are likely to feel numbness in your scalp and will have to take pain medication as well. The surgery will also leave a mark on your head so it is best that you stay in for a couple of days. The post operation affects last for a maximum of two days and after that you should feel fine. But in the first week of the hair transplant you also need to protect your scalp. You should wear a cap if you go outdoors. Also avoid scrubbing your head to hard when you take a bath.

Special Shampoo

The area on your head where the hair has been transplanted will need to be washed with a special shampoo. The doctor should give you instructions on how to do this. It is advised that you wash your scalp once a day initially for a few days after the hair transplant. You can resume your normal activities after 10-14 days but make sure that you take extra precautions in the first week after the surgery.

Swelling and Bruising

In order to deal with the swelling and bruising you will be given special medication and a bandage by the doctor. Generally this swelling lasts for only a period of three-five days and is very normal. One thing that you need to specially avoid in the first week after the hair transplant surgery is physical activity. This is the sort of thing that can aggravate the bruising on your head and reduce blood flow to your scalp. The first week after the operation is meant for resting and relaxing.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

There will be certain restrictions placed on you after the hair transplant surgery. This involves avoiding alcohol and smoking for at least a week. Furthermore you should also avoid direct sunlight as it can damage your scalp and its skin. You should wear sun block when you go out and wear a hat in extremely hot weather. All these protective measures are for your own benefit so don’t avoid them.


Hair transplant surgery is a very simple and safe procedure. It is a revolutionary treatment that can make you look younger by restoring your lost hair. A hair transplant has a small recovery period as we discussed earlier. You should get to see a full result after 12 months time.

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