FUE Hair Transplant – Advantages

Follicular unit extraction or FUE is a modern hair transplant method that is very popular throughout the world. This method is still very new but has already become the preferred choice of most patients. FUE is a very efficient procedure that is highly recommended by doctors. FUE basically stands for follicular unit extraction. In this method hair follicles are extracted from the back of your head and then placed on the balding spots. This is a permanent solution for your balding problem and generally lasts your entire life.

No Major Scarring

A major reason why people prefer FUE to other solutions is that this procedure leaves no (linear) scars on your head. Normally the downside of hair transplant procedures is that they leave linear, big scars on the back of your head. This however is not the case with FUE as this is a very advanced method.

Fast Healing

In the early days hair transplant procedures were highly unreliable and often the results were not positive. But ever since doctors have started using FUE things have changed quite a bit. This procedure is highly reliable and effective. One of the main benefits of FUE transplant is that it heals very quickly. In the early days healing time could last for months but now it has been reduced to just a single week. After just a week of the hair transplant the patient should be able to continue his normal life.

Natural Results

FUE hair transplant will give you natural looking results and people won’t be able to tell whether you had a hair transplant or not. A lot of people are concerned because other procedures just don’t look natural.

No Stitches

FUE hair transplant surgery is a completely painless procedure. You won’t need any stitches after the transplant has been completed. Due to the advancements in technology it is now possible to have a hair transplant done easily without suffering any pain. You can even wear short hair after the procedure and no one would be able to tell that you had hair transplanted on your head.

Consistent Results

FUE surgery will give you natural and consistent results. This procedure is recognized throughout the world for its consistency. The doctor will also have control over how your hair grows. He can strategically place the hair follicles in such a manner that they leave you with a head full of hair.

Minimised Risk of Infections

In some hair transplant procedures patients can suffer from infections after the surgery but this is not the case with Follicular unit extraction. This procedure is virtually painless.

Quality of Hair

The quality of your transplanted hair will be no different than your natural hair. No one will be able to tell the difference as everything will just blend in naturally. Follicular unit extraction is the ideal solution for all those who want to look young again and get rid of baldness.