FUE Hair Restoration

Follicular unit extraction or FUE is a hair transplantation procedure through which the bald areas on your head can be fixed. FUE hair transplant is a revolutionary procedure that is very popular these days. In this procedure healthy hair follicles are removed from the scalp and then grafted onto the balding areas on your head. The result is a full head of hair for the patient. The advantages of FUE hair transplant is that is leaves no linear scar, and that it is a minimal invasive procedure, hence the healing time is short and the surgery almost painless. This is without doubt the ideal solution for those who want t get rid of the problem of baldness.

How it is Performed

FUE hair transplant is a procedure in which individual follicular unit grafts are taken up from the scalp and then harvested one at a time. The area where the healthy hair follicles are located plays an important role. The hair of the patient is generally cut short so that the doctor can see the scalp and perform the procedure with ease. The area from where the hair is collected is resistant to baldness and is called the donor area. The hair at the back of your head is normally resistant to baldness and hair fall.

Why FUE?

Why would you choose FUE hair transplant instead of any other procedure? The reason is because this procedure is safe, fast and very effective. No other hair transplant procedure comes close to matching FUE’s effectiveness. The results from FUE hair transplant are much more natural looking as compared to many other procedures. The healing period is also very short and normally takes only 7 to 10 days.

The Treatment

Before the treatment the doctor will inform you of all the elements of a FUE hair transplant. The treatment can take around 7-9 hours and once the procedure is completed you will be asked to take rest.

Diverse Treatment

This treatment does not limit the extraction of hair just from the head. In a FUE hair transplant hair can be extracted from multiple areas of your body such as the neck, beard, chest, arms and legs. The aim is to use every part of the body for donor hair.

No (Linear) Scars

Another reason why a lot of people prefer the FUE technique is because it does not leave any major scars or marks on the head unlike other procedures. The advancements in technology have enabled us to safely carry out such procedures without damaging the health of the patient involved. Follicular extraction also ensures that patients sleep better after surgery. The level of discomfort is considerably less as compared to other procedures.