The price for a FUE hair transplant depends on the number of grafts.
These are individually removed from the donor’s scalp and inserted into the patient`s bald areas.
For a detailed quotation, please send us your pictures.

Treatment Costs
from 1,20 €
per Graft
Pre-consultation by Medical Coordinator
Coordination of dates
Personal treatment by the doctor
Patient care by “Health Travels” staff
Post OP medication, shampoo and lotion
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Hotel and Transfer Costs
270 €
for 2 nights
Airport pick up and drop off
Transportation between hotel and hair clinic
4 star hotel next to the clinic
English speaking staff always at your side
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Note: The minimum price for the treatment is 3600 Euro.

“If you compare our rates with other providers in Turkey, please make sure that our FUE specialists perform all the important steps of the hair transplant surgery personally – no nurse, technician or assistant.”

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