Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is one of the most common problems that middle aged men across the world face today. According to experts male pattern baldness is responsible for almost 90% of all hair loss for men. This statistic is absolutely incredible and tells us about the seriousness of this issue. In this type of baldness you experience progressive thinning of the hair as your hairline recedes gradually. Male pattern baldness starts at the forehead, with hair loss occurring on the sides to form an M shape. The hair at the back of the head will also become thinner with time. The amount of hair loss may vary from person to person. Some people lose less hair while others may go completely bald at the top. Let’s look at the various elements of male pattern baldness and discuss them in more detail.

How it Happens

There are two types of hair loss that occur in male pattern baldness. You will either experience frontal hair loss or vertex hair loss. Frontal hair loss starts at the forehead and not the crown while vertex hair loss happens at the crown. Both types are equally bad and if you are suffering from male pattern baldness it is imperative that you seek an instant solution. All men suffer from some sort of hair loss during their lifetime. This type of hair loss generally occurs between the ages of 20 and 45.

What Causes It

Male pattern baldness is caused primarily by a chemical known as (DHT) dihydrotestosterone. Some men have genetics that respond to DHT and as a result their hair follicles shrink thus resulting in hair loss. Male pattern baldness occurs when your scalp stops producing new hair and the hair that is already present starts to fall off rapidly. At times your hair follicles can become sensitive to DHT thus slowing down hair growth and affecting your scalp adversely.

Do you Have It?

A lot of people might be suffering from male pattern baldness but they may have not realized it yet. Knowing that you have this problem is half the solution. If your hairline is taking an M shape then you might be suffering from rapid hair loss. Other signs include of male pattern baldness include shortening of the hair, thinning of hair and breaking of hair shafts. Some medical problems may also be the cause of your receding hairline. This includes stress, poor nutrition, eating disorders and hormonal imbalances.

Controlling Measures

Male pattern baldness can be controlled and treated. So if you are suffering from this problem you should seek professional and medical help instantly. Medications are available to treat this problem; you can consult with a doctor for more help. The main reason why men want to treat baldness is to improve their appearance and maintain a better self image.


Male pattern baldness can cause you embarrassment so it is imperative that you spot it early on and look for solutions. Just follow these tips and you should be able to maintain a head full of hair for a long time to come.